We are releasing a new version, Bonemat v3.2!

March 21, 2016

The main improvements are the presence of importers/exporters from and to both Ansys and Abaqus, which are likely the two most used commercial FE packages, and the availability of test data, including a full proximal femur.

Detailed release notes:

      • Interface (Importer/Exporter) with Abaqus file format (this is the first fruit of a joint collaboration, with Elise Pegg at University of Bath)
      • Importers/Exporters can also handle submodels (components/assemblies)
      • Simplified generic mesh format for import/export
      • VRML exporter
      • VTK export supporting mesh rototranslation
      Documentation (see also download):
      • Small test data (10 elements) for debugging purposes
      • Large test data (whole proximal femur, fully anonimysed)
      Core application:
      • New operation to merge meshes
      • Copy and Paste now holds the position of meshes/volumes
      • New icons for meshes/volumes and Toolbar
      • Icons added on Menu
      • Clearer drawing of mesh edges
      • Added mesh visualisation options


We are finally releasing Bonemat v3.1

May 19, 2015

With the following major improvements:

      Interactive GUI:
      • Combined CT and FE model visualisation, perspective and slice views, contour maps...
      Import/export of FE models:
      • From/to one of the most used commercial FE packages (read in input by many others)
      • From/to a generic mesh format (nodes and element connectivity matrices)
      Algorithm rationalisation:
      • Fewer lines of code
      • Improved flexibility of the numerical integration function
      • Simplified access to data structures
      • Import/export of FE meshes in few seconds
      • Interactive visualisation of CT images and FE models
      • Handling over 1M elements on a regular PC (4GB RAM)