ALBA: Agile Library for Biomedical Applications

ALBA is a versatile library designed to facilitate the rapid development of specialised applications for the management, visualization, and manipulation of biomedical data. Specifically designed for biomedical/biomechanical applications, ALBA smoothly handles various data types, including medical images (CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, etc.), surfaces, and finite element meshes among others.

Written in C++, based on VTK, ITK, DCDM, wxWidget and Xerces libraries.

Key Features:

Diverse Data Support: ALBA offers reliable support for a range of biomedical data formats, making it a practical solution for researchers and healthcare professionals dealing with different types of data. From intricate 3D meshes to detailed medical images, ALBA streamlines the management of diverse data types.

Efficient Data Handling: ALBA simplifies the manipulation of biomedical data, allowing users to perform tasks like segmentation, registration, and spatial transformation with ease.

Interactive Visualization: The library provides interactive visualization tools for exploring 3D structures, making it easier for users to analyse and visually interpret their data.

Scalability and Performance: Engineered for efficiency, ALBA meets the demands of both small-scale research projects and larger biomedical applications, ensuring swift data processing and analysis.

Open Source Collaboration: ALBA is an open-source initiative that encourages collaboration within the biomedical community. Researchers and developers can contribute to its development, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving biomedical challenges. Whether you are involved in medical research, diagnostic imaging, or clinical applications, ALBA serves as a flexible and practical solution for advancing biomedical data management and analysis.

Explore the capabilities of ALBA today to enhance your biomedical applications effectively.